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....TV detective theme submitted to the BBC......New single "Big Town" to be released on Fliptophead Records in July '17..................New album to follow in the autumn...........

And so......

There's random selection of my songs and clips here. I'm setting about digitally remastering my 3 studio albums to put on here as a complete album download. For now have a listen to or download (from left to right): Monster which is an instrumental from Waves, a crackly AM recording of a radio interview that I did with Lorraine Kelly in 1999 on Talk AM, The Loner, Be A Voice & Giant from my Waves album, a cheesy ringtone of Telstar which I played on the stylophone (very Rolf!), a podcast of my 2009 appearance on Radio 2s' Pop Master with Zowie Ball, Space Monkey from my Positively Cynical album and finally Grip which I recorded with No More Heroes in 1998. Have fun

Monster Listen to Talk Radio Interview The Loner Be A Voice Giant Telstar Ringtone Popmaster New Re-Mastered Version Of Space Monkey Grip by No More Heroes