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Leicester City

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Alzheimers Society

....TV detective theme submitted to the BBC......New single "Big Town" to be released on Fliptophead Records in July '17..................New album to follow in the autumn............

Ronnie Boy Theme

News.....New TV Theme, New Single, New Album, New "Luvvie"

Clicking on the picture of my detective impression above will enable you to listen to an instrumental that I've submitted to the BBC for a retro detective series. It's in no way representative of my new album - just a bit of an experiment really.

I'm doing things the old fashioned way and releasing a single, Big Town, prior to a new album a few months later. The album is a far more guitar based affair than my last release Arrival Time and is currently sounding good in pre production. The promo photo shoot for the project has already been done with a bit of a post war East Berlin industrial feel to it.

They say musicians shouldn't try to act, but I'm up for giving it a bash purely on a "things to do before your too old" basis - nothing serious. So I appeared in an advert for Walkers crisps - in my pants! The advert was connected to Gary Linekers "if Leicester City win the Premier League, I'll do Match Of The Day in my underpants" comment. Of course, they did.....and he did too! Click the image below to take a look.

Walkers Crisp Advert

Live Music..........

2016 was a very quiet year for me on the live music front and 2017 promises to be as quiet really as I concentrate on putting my new album together. Watch this space though.....you never know.............


Video Of The Month..........

The Video Of The Month for May 2017 is Peaches by The Stranglers. It's a gob smacking 40 years since the single was released! This video is the live version recorded in 1985, brass section and all!